Exploring How Garages Are Commonly Used

Exploring How Garages Are Commonly Used

Having a home with a garage is a great benefit over having a home without one. Homes that were built in the 70s and earlier typically did not have garages, however the homes of today generally always have a garage attached. There are different types of garages such as the detached garage, single car garage, two-car garage, and sometimes a three-car garage. All of these garages are beneficial to a homeowner and are used for many different things.

Typically a home with a one-car garage is only big enough for the car and not much else. These garages are nice if you have a small home because you can keep your car out of the weather. Cars will last quite a bit longer especially if you live in a cold and wet climate if you have at least a one-car garage to store them in. Some houses as mentioned earlier will have detached garages. These garages are also nice because they can also keep your car out of the weather. Many detached garages have enough room for at least two cars and perhaps even a storage section as well. Many times these detached garages are add-ons to older homes that do not have a garage at all.

Garages are also good to help keep your car safe from intruders. If your car is nice and expensive, keeping it safe inside a garage is a good idea.

Most new homes today will have at least a two-car garage. This is nice because you and your spouse can both have a place to park your car and keep it safe from bad weather and intruders. These two car garages also offer plenty of storage space for your bikes and or motorcycles and other outdoor toys. As long as you keep your garage nice and organized there should never be a problem parking both cars inside it. Many times garages give the men of the house a place where they can go to get away from it all, sort of a “man cave”, if you will.

Today one of the trends for newer homes is the addition of three car garages. Three-car garages are great for growing families to have multiple teenagers in them so that each person will have a place to park their car out of the weather. Three-car garages offer a great deal of value for your home. If there are several houses on the market that someone is interested in all with two-car garages and yours has a three-car garage yours will likely sell first if you ever decide to sell it.


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