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When you’ve been involved in an accident and your car requires body repair, you’ll be looking for a collision center or a Body Shop in Tempe, Arizona. While your main goal is to ensure that your vehicle is repaired properly, you’ll also want to avoid paying more for the repair services that you should. Unfortunately, overpaying for collision work is something that happens far too often and there are a few ways that you can get the best quality repairs at reasonable prices.

With Collision Repair in Tempe, what it’s going to come down to is labor prices. This is where most people are susceptible to price gouging by different collision repair or body shops in the Tempe, Arizona area. Average costs for labor at a collision center should be around $40 per hour. However, in more expensive neighborhoods, a body shop may charge in excess of $60-$70 for an hour’s worth of labor. At some of the more exclusive body shops, labor cost can be as high as $90 per hour. The problem is you’re not get better quality work for the higher labor cost. That’s why you want to be selective about the body shop you take your car to for repairs.

A body shop doesn’t have to be located in a more expensive part of town to charge more for labor. Sometimes you can notice certain things about a collision center that may indicate higher labor costs. You’ll need to consider a body shops overhead. Do they have a large facility and do they have a number of office employees outside of the body shop repair technicians? If they do, this can equate to more overhead costs and the more overhead costs a collision center has, the higher their rates are going to be in order to pay for their overhead. A shop that has adequate staff but not an excessive amount of staff is typically a shop that has lower overhead costs and subsequently will have lower labor costs.

Choosing the right Body Shop in Tempe means your vehicle will be repaired properly after an accident and it also means that you’re not going to overpay for those repairs. With a bit of careful attention to detail, there’s no reason why your vehicle can’t be repaired properly and affordably by taking it to a reputable auto body shop in Tempe, Arizona.

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