Everything That Bail Agents in Bristol, CT Want You to Know

Receiving a phone call from a loved one in jail isn’t something that you want to deal with. Having to get someone out of jail can be extremely stressful, especially if you have no clue what you need to do. Before you jump into the process with blind eyes, there are a few things that bail agents want you to know. So take a few minutes to read through this before you meet the bail bondsman.

The Defendant Is Your Responsibility

Bail agents are responsible for paying your loved one’s bond but you have a responsibility too. Since you paid the fee for the bond, you have accepted responsibility for the defendant so you have to make sure that he or she makes it to court or risk having to pay the entirety of the bail money. So, to protect yourself and your money, don’t pay bail for someone who you think would skip out on court.

A Bail Bond Is a Loan

When people get arrested, they are brought to jail, where they sit until they attend their bail hearings. Once they are in front of a judge, they’ll be given a bail amount. Bail agents in Bristol, CT pay the bail money to the court while they await their hearings. If the defendant goes to court, then the bail bondsman gets his money back. It’s important for you to know that bail agents require a fee before they pay off the bond, which is non-refundable.

If you’re still unsure of your responsibilities, schedule an appointment with a local bondsman to have him explain the process to you in further detail. Also remember not to pay for someone to get out of jail if he or she is not a reliable person because you could end up paying for his or her problems.

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