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Your car is probably one of your most expensive investments, so you should take good care of it. Regular repairs and replacements of worn-out parts are the best ways to care for your car.

When considering replacing parts, you should get the highest-quality parts to maintain your car’s performance and reduce the repairs you need later. However, identifying the best Chicago auto parts can be challenging if you are a new car owner.


This is the most essential factor to consider. Ensure that the auto parts you buy are made for your car’s make and model. That is because sometimes parts are similar to the ones used in your car but can’t work with your model.

Type of Parts

Like any other product, there are different types of auto parts to ensure something for every client.

  • OEM- Original Equipment Manufacturer parts are brand new and authentic parts from your car manufacturer. These are the best if you are looking for genuine parts but also the most costly.
  • New aftermarket parts- These are also brand new but are not made by the car manufacturer. They are cheaper than OEM parts but might alter your insurance coverage.
  • Second-hand parts- These are the cheapest but are also the riskiest. Ensure you inspect second-hand parts before installing them into your car and check for any damages.

Warranty/ Guarantee/ Return Policy

A warranty or guarantee lets you return a part or request a new part if the one you got experiences issues before the promised period lapses. It also works as insurance and guarantees the parts’ genuineness.

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