Electrical repairs best left to the professionals

by | Mar 19, 2013 | Electronics and Electrical

Although there is some home electrical repair in Weatherford that can be tackled by homeowners, they have to be fully aware of the hazards and their own limitations. Most electrical issues should only be done by a competent electrician.

Risky work:
Many homeowners actually enjoy making renovations and changes to their homes. Constructing a family room or a couple of extra bedrooms in the basement, or adding a conservatory to the back of the house is the types of things often accomplished. Many aspects of the project are quite simple and take nothing but a little planning and basic skill. The problems arise when the homeowner finds himself up against a task he may not be familiar with.

In the electrical world, there are many codes that dictate the way things are done. A simple example is color coding of receptacles. Black is the hot wire and is attached to the brass screws, white is neutral and attaches to the silver screws and green is ground. If the wiring done as home electrical repair in Weatherford is done any differently, blown circuits can be the result.

Another common mistake made by homeowners is overloading a circuit. The circuits in a house, those used for lighting and regular receptacle use are designed to carry only 80% of the breakers rated capacity, the remaining 20% is the safety factor. Unknowingly, homeowners can overload a circuit causing a tripped breaker and perhaps even fire.

Dangerous work:
An untrained individual should never attempt home electrical repair in Weatherford that involves upgrading the service. When the circuit is going to be upgraded the power must be cut coming into the building, and this can only be done by the utility company or a licensed electrician. In most cases of a panel upgrade, the incoming lines to the building will need to be replaced with bigger cable.

In some cases even removing the panel cover can pose a hazard. How many homeowners would know that certain products manufactured prior to 1980 are problematic and have led to many unfortunate accidents? The situation with some of the older panels is that the breakers do not trip properly and they have been known to fall from their rail.

Benefits of working with a licensed electrician:
The primary benefit is safety. The professional electrician knows the electrical code like that back of his hand and nothing will be done to jeopardize the integrity of the entire electrical system. A professional electrician can prove his knowledge by displaying his license which indicates that he has taken tests given by the state certification board. Using a licensed electrician for home electrical repair in Weatherford will pay dividends, both in circuit integrity and resale value of the house.

FWME Services provide home electrical repair in Weatherford. The company uses the most recent equipment to diagnose the problem and licensed technicians to make the repairs or new installation.


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