Effectiveness of Pay-Per-Click and Article Marketing Campaigns

Effectiveness of Pay-Per-Click and Article Marketing Campaigns

New and existing businesses often find it difficult to best know how to market their products or services. Even if they have a website, it is difficult to get sales or traffic if nobody knows that the site exists. There are tons of different marketing options on the market, but not all of them are very cost effective. Article marketing and Pay- Per-Click (PPC) are two of the most popular marketing options, and they are more closely related than people might think since they both strongly rely on dispersal and keywords. They both offer great advantages to getting high traffic numbers as well. However, most people feel that Pay-Per-Click is the most attractive option. There is much controversy about which type of marketing campaign is the better choice for effectiveness.

Choosing Whether PPC or Article Marketing is the Best

Deciding whether article marketing or PPC is the most effective method of advertising is tough. With article marketing, submissions are made to major article directories, and there are links that lead back to your website. It can also include guest blogging, which will allow for link backs as well. Keywords are typically included, and if the right keywords are chosen, then it can boost search engine ranking. Informative content that is changed out often can really be effective on a large scale when it comes to bringing in traffic. Article marketing can often be more expensive than PPC advertising, which is why people often think PPC is the better choice. It really depends on the type of article marketing campaign you are going with, as to whether or not it is more expensive. The biggest advantage of PPC is that it can allow businesses to be listed on the first page of search engines just by bidding on particular keywords. However, the best keywords are often expensive, so a PPC campaign can actually exceed the cost of an article marketing campaign if companies only want to bid on the best keywords.

Results and Longevity for PPC and Article Marketing Campaigns

PPC results are really easy to track, so when you see the conversion rates you will be able to tell how effective it is. Article marketing is a little harder to track, because the only way you can really tell if it is working is to see if your search ranking improves or if your traffic numbers are gaining speed. This can be a lengthy process. PPC does not have much staying power, because you have to pay every single time your link gets clicked, and this often gets so expensive over a long period of time, that people end their PPC campaigns for particular keywords. Articles are pretty much free, because you never have to pay for them once you have paid the initial cost to have them written. They can stay live on the web for years, and this is why they are a desirable choice for people who are interested in marketing their business. Each type of marketing campaign has pros and cons, so which is best will just boil down to the personal preferences of the business owner.

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