DUI Attorney Fullerton – How to Plea

DUI Attorney Fullerton – How to Plea

Driving under the influence (DUI) is a serious a charge and put other people’s lives at risk. The charge can be from a misdemeanor to a felony depending on the severity of the incident. It is best to plea to the charge instead of going back and forth to court. A DUI Attorney Fullerton law firm can help with getting the best sentence.

Defendants have to decide on whether to hire a Criminal Lawyer. If you are dealing with serious charges and not that familiar with the law, then it is best to seek legal representation. An experienced DUI lawyer knows how to negotiate plea deals for their clients and have relationships with other legal professionals.

If you are seeking a plea deal, then you should talk to the prosecutor before your arraignment. Some prosecutors are willing to reduce the charges in exchange of a guilty plea. It is a good idea to arrive early for the court arraignment. You are usually given a DUI ticket with the date and time to appear in court. It is also a good idea to check in with clerk and to notify court officials of your arrival. After talking to the clerk, you can wait for your appearance before the judge.

The judge will ask how you wish to plea. If you decide to hire a lawyer, then he or she will tell the judge about your decision to plea. The judge may ask do you understand the seriousness of the charges and the correct response is “Yes”. After the plea is accepted by the court, the judge will move on to the sentencing phase. The judge may choose to hand down the sentence right at that moment or schedule it for a later date.

DUI defendants may get sentenced to probation, serve jail time, pay restitution or a combination of everything. It is important to get your sentence over without getting in further trouble. If you have to serve probation, then pay your fees on time and follow the terms. An experienced Dui Attorney Fullerton Company can help with making the right legal decisions. Visit us online!

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