Dreaming of Pheasant Under Glass and Hunting Adventures? Where to Start

Does your mouth water when thinking about pheasant under glass? Do you enjoy hunting down that tasty bird and having something deluxe to put on your family’s table? If this sounds like you, then maybe it’s time to explore group pheasant hunting lodges. These lodges will take you and a few friends on a hunting adventure that will result in bagging this wild game bird to take home with you. Here is how to get started.

Find the Group Pheasant Hunting Lodges You Want to Visit

There are plenty of hunting lodges out there. They are all over the South, the West, and the Southwest. However, there are only a handful of lodges that focus on pheasant only. These lodges spend a lot of time breeding, raising, and releasing into the wild on their lodge and ranch properties all the pheasants they have raised. The pheasant-only properties are where you want to go.

Call and Book a Date

Next, call and book a date for your hunting adventure. Late summer and early fall dates are popular for these reservations, so plan early and book early. Be sure to ask the lodge owner about what to bring as some lodges provide hunting guns while others will expect you to bring your own. Most reservations are two to four days long, based on how many pheasants your hunting party wants to bag, and how many are in your hunting party. Prices are based on the number of people, days, and pheasants desired.

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