Drafty House? Replacement Windows in Lagrange Can Reduce Them

by | Jan 7, 2014 | Construction and Maintenance

Windows last for decades. Therefore homeowners are often surprised at the changes in construction materials and styles that have occured within the industry. For centuries wood was the preferred material for window frames. However, during the last 20 years vinyl windows have become the preferred choice among contractors for new or Replacement Windows in Lagrange. They are much stronger and low-maintenance. Because the paint color is infused into all of the vinyl layers, they never need to be repainted. There are so many colors available that homeowners will easily find one to match their paint and trim colors.

Customers know it’s time to call the Evergreen Door and Window Company when they walk by a window in the winter and feel cold air. Older wood windows no longer have a tight seal with the house frame. Wood window frames easily absorb moisture. After years of expanding in the winter and contracting with the summer heat, the seal between the window and house frame weakens. Vinyl does not absorb as much moisture. Therefore it keeps a tight seal for a longer time.

There are many different styles of Replacement Windows in Lagrange. These include casement windows, double-hung windows, bay and bow windows, garden windows and glass block windows. Newer style windows are also much easier to keep clean. Instead of climbing on ladders, residents just have to tilt a window to reach the exterior. Customers can opt for the durability of vinyl or the traditional warmth of wood. Evergreen windows contractors have been installing windows for over 50 years. They will make sure that the windows are inserted properly to withstand the great variety of weather in the Chicago area.

In addition to the tight seal, the house will feel warmer because today’s energy efficient windows have more than one layer of glass. Between two and four layers is customary. Air can be used as insulation between the layers. While this is somewhat effective, a safe gas can also be added for more insulation. In addition to keeping the inside of the house a constant temperature, the house is also much quieter. Customers can visit www.evergreenwindow.com to learn more about selecting the right replacement windows for their home and budget.


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