Dog Day Care in VA is Fast Becoming Man’s Best Friend

Dog Day Care in VA is Fast Becoming Man’s Best Friend

For all the people who are responsible pet owners and yet still have a full time job, dog day care in VA is the number one service they employ. As we all know dogs are social animals, it’s their natural instincts to live amongst a pack, so for a dog to be alone for an extended time is not natural. What’s more is that when a dog is left on their own that unwanted and sometimes destructive behaviors develop. If you have a dog that has nervous energy and is showing signs of stress by self mutilation it may be because it is feeling stressed from spending too many hours alone.

If a typical work day is eight working hours and an additional hour for lunch that is a nine hour day. Now add even a modest amount of travel time both to and from your place of employment and suddenly your dog is completely alone for ten hours a day. We wouldn’t for one moment considers leaving a person alone with no way to physically relieve themselves for ten hours a day, but yet that’s what we expect from our dog? So if an average work week consists of five work days a week, that’s 50 hours that your dog is alone with no way to go to the bathroom or no socialization, how is this humane? Yet people do it all the time and think nothing of it.

Some pet owners may scoff at the idea of dog day care in VA, but what is the alternative? Isn’t it worse when the dog begins to show its stress from being alone so much by either hurting himself or damaging something in the house when we come home and promptly hit or punish the dog for “being bad”. What is really bad in that situation is the unrealistic expectations of the pet owner, and that certainly is not to be considered responsible pet ownership.

The best and most responsible thing to do for your pet is to investigate a reliable dog day care in VA. Dropping your pet off at a loving and caring facility where they can be in the natural and safe environment of other dogs and people is the humane thing to do. Just a week in trying this compassionate alternative and you will see your dog’s entire demeanor change. They will quickly lose interest in being so destructive and they will be supervised so that they can no longer harm themselves. So be the friend to your dog that he is to you and try a loving environment of dog day care in VA.



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