Do Not Void Your Warranty Program By Doing Air Conditioning Repair In Los Angeles Yourself

Do Not Void Your Warranty Program By Doing Air Conditioning Repair In Los Angeles Yourself

One of the conditions of a home insurance policy is that it does not cover costs associated with not keeping up the home with necessary maintenance and precautions on certain items. One of these items in particular is for your HVAC, Heating, Ventilating and Air Conditioning, appliances in the home. It is simply standard knowledge that if you have a piece of equipment that you rely on to keep the air comfortable in your home that from time to time you will need a reputable air conditioning repair Los Angeles company to depend on.

There are certain maintenance precautions that a homeowner can do on their own without calling for a quarterly service, but in addition to do-it-yourself projects there are professionally trained cleaning techniques that must be performed in order to keep the warranty in most HVAC units. The number one culprit for an HVAC to not perform accurately or to quickly lose out on the longevity of the unit is to not replace the air filters in the home.

Depending on the unit and the amount of allergens in the air, your specialist can recommend an air filter type and brand for your equipment. At the very least these will also have to be changed on a quarterly basis. Some installers will recommend less filterage while others still will recommend more but that depends on your unit and your personal allergic reactions to what is in the air.

For places like southern California where the air is more moderate, the pull on the unit may not be as trying on the system. For instance in some climates the heater in an HVAC system will work nearly double if not three times as much in the winter than in the summer to keep the air stable in a home. For this reason the maintenance program in certain areas may be less, but it will still need the reliability of an air conditioning repair Los Angeles for service to meet certain warranty requirements.

Any insurance policy will have exceptions to their coverage and you don’t want to forfeit a claim because you did not do something to void a warranty. If you need to use more than a screwdriver and a simple over the counter product to repair your unit, the chances are that you will need a professional service repair company to do the work.

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