DIY Cigarettes … or Rather, RYO (Roll Your Own)

DIY Cigarettes … or Rather, RYO (Roll Your Own)

There’s a certain pleasure in life to doing things for yourself. Sometimes it can be more work, but the trade-off is that it’s often more frugal. Besides the fiscal appeal, the DIY (or, in this case, RYO) advantage is baser than that. There’s something very satisfying about creating something with your own hands, and this satisfaction is even more intense if you can consume, use, or otherwise enjoy what you’ve created. This is why so many people are discovering the joy of cooking. This is also why cigarette rolling tobacco is gaining popularity. Well, the financial side of it is not to be underestimated, as it is considerably cheaper to roll your own than to buy pre-made cigarettes, but in both cases, you might find that with practice, you can produce a better product than what you were spending more money for at the store. Even if the quality is the same, the satisfaction of knowing you made it yourself can heighten the enjoyment enough to make it better.

There’s something though to rolling your own cigarettes. The hassle reduces as you get better at it, and you can save a considerable amount of money. It also makes it easier to bring your own with you since the makings take less space than the actual cigarette packs do. This is because a bag of tobacco and a pack of papers make a lot more cigarettes than the same amount of space of pre-made cigarettes would take. To anyone who is space-conscious this alone is a benefit. There is also, of course, the matter of learning how to become an ROYer. If none of your friends do it, the solution is simple: You have a great big wide Internet out there. Just about any do-it-yourself project, from tiling your own floors to rolling your own cigarettes can be found on

For some, there is a downside of rolling your own cigarettes: It can be difficult to find the supplies sometimes, as not every corner market will have loose tobacco to roll. Some are luckier than others and can find what they want with ease; others have found that ordering off the Internet is a great option. And those who have ordered cigarette rolling tobacco and supplies off the Internet have found that they can often save money, too. The beauty of rolling your own cigarettes or making your own food is that it combines a visceral satisfaction from creation with the intellectual satisfaction of knowing you’ve saved money.

It’s rare in life that you can combine an emotional benefit with a physical one. For many people, the process of rolling a cigarette heightens the pleasure and relaxation derived from smoking. It may make the ritual take a bit longer, but because the motion is learned and repetitive, it helps break mental tension. So if you enjoy DIY projects, give RYO a try.

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