Dive Trips in Key Largo are the Perfect Family Adventure Vacation

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Adventure tourism is very popular these days. At the extreme end families try to ascend Mount Everest together or descend into a dormant volcano. Families and individuals who want their adventure a bit tamer should consider dive trips in Key Largo. There are many dive companies who will take experienced divers on tours of the underwater attractions. They’ll show the gorgeous coral formations, beautiful fish and haunting shipwrecks.

If a family doesn’t know how to scuba dive there are dive certification programs that will teach people how to dive and then take them on tours suitable for beginners. The professional scuba divers association allows children as young as 10 years old to learn how to scuba dive. Of course if parents want to push the lower limit, they should take into consideration the maturity level of the child. They might want to take a class that starts at a pool with a dive instructor, to see how the child responds. This is not a certification class. If that goes well, then the entire family can move on to the first level of dive certification. A three day beginner certification course costs about $500. Completion will allow a person to dive up to 60 feet. The cost of the class includes the instructor, boat and scuba equipment.

Some people might consider this quite an adventure. But for many, the course completion is just the beginning. Photography buffs can take another course in Underwater photography. That way they can take pictures of the amazing sights they see when they dive. There are several dive trips key largo that are suitable for beginners. They tours are small, with a maximum of six divers. One of the most popular beginner dives takes in two shallow water dive locations. The first dive site is a beautiful and colorful reef. The second site explores a shallow water Key Largo shipwreck. Weights and two air tanks (one for each site) are included. Most dive tours require a 50 percent deposit. In order to have the deposit refunded cancellations must be made at least 48 hours in advance. These types of dive tours usually cost about $100.

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