Disability Lawyers in Tacoma Help You Get Your Benefits

Disability Lawyers in Tacoma Help You Get Your Benefits

Everything was going fine with your life until you suffered an injury or an illness that caused you to become disabled. The disability is such that you can’t continue with your employment, but you’re not old enough to be able to apply for Social Security. The government has a stop-gap version of Social Security, known as Social Security Disability Insurance. Typically, all you have to do is prove you are unable to work, and you can obtain benefits. Or so it would seem.

The problem is, getting disability is simply not that easy. In order to qualify, you have to get past the tests that prove you are disabled. That doesn’t necessarily mean that you actually go into an office at the SSDI and perform physical tests. You have to be able to prove on paper that you can not work, have not been able to work, and that your disability is going to last more than a year. However, this is not the end of the story; merely the beginning. Your application goes in for review, and if it’s found lacking in any way, you are going to get a rejection. Now you are back at square one. Instead of dealing with these issues, talk to Disability lawyers in Tacoma about your situation.

Disability lawyers in Tacoma are familiar with how the process begins, evolves, and resolves. They know what is being sought for proof, and how the local SSDI office handles claims for benefits. The lawyer goes through all of the documents to make sure everything is in order before forwarding everything to the agency. You increase the chances that your claim will be accepted on the first time the application is submitted, simply because the application has no faults to be found.

In the event that a denial is made, a lawyer works the appeal process until you get your benefits. In the meantime, the lawyer provides you with support and respect, explains the process and keeps you updated as everything progresses.

Are you suffering from a disability and seeking legal help for your claim? Call Todd R. Renda Attorney At Law in Tacoma to set up a consultation today.

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