Determining if You Need an Attorney for Personal Injury in Framingham MA

Determining whether or not you will need an Attorney for personal injury in Framingham MA might be a bit challenging right after you get hurt. After all, the time immediately following a car wreck is definitely terrifying and confusing, so it is completely normal that you need to take a bit of time to process what has happened. While you may be able to wait a little while to decide if you are hiring a personal injury attorney in Framingham MA, there are several things that are necessary actions immediately after the accident. You need to do the following things both to protect yourself and to give yourself and your lawyer the highest chance of success with your case if you should decide to pursue it.

One important thing is documenting the accident. This is the responsibility of the police, so you should never skip calling the authorities after an accident. Often, another motorist will call 911 as soon as they see an accident, but if that doesn’t happen you should call yourself. Make sure to retain a copy of the accident report when the police officer gives it to you. Your attorney will be able to get the official accident report from the police station later, but this initial report is enough to help your lawyer start on the case.

When you are asked if you need medical attention, you should never refuse this attention if you think that there is any possibility of injury. Did you know that sometimes auto accident injuries (soft tissue injuries for example) don’t even show themselves until days after the accident? For this reason it just makes sense to get yourself seen as soon as possible by medical professionals. If you don’t get proper medical care it will be hard for your Attorney for personal injury in Framingham MA to help you get the compensation due to you. If you are suffering from a car accident injury, an 18 wheeler accident injury, a motorcycle accident injury, or any other type of on the road injury, Foglia & Associates, P.C. can help you with filing your accident suit and getting the money to pay for all of your injuries.

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