Designer Handbags NYC Trends For 2013

Designer Handbags NYC Trends For 2013

A new handbag can make you feel fabulous, which is why handbag trends are constantly changing. These changes offer something new and exciting for each new season. Designer handbags in NYC have turned in a new direction for the spring 2013 season. We are seeing a lot of new styles and strong colors that make an outfit come to life. Some of the more prominent changes include:

  • Small handbags.
  • Structured shapes.
  • Emerald.

Small handbags have become the handbag size of choice this season. For years, women were lugging around massive bags that were unflattering and a pain to carry. The complete opposite is true today. Women want small bags that are low maintenance and look great with anything. Small handbags have become popular because women are noticing that a larger bag is not as flattering as they once thought! The smaller handbag trend has also take off due to the rise of the cross-body bag trend. Cross-body bags are flattering when they are smaller, which is why we’ve seen the small bag trend increase in popularity.

Structured shapes are also where popular for this spring. Designer handbags NYC area are being released in square shapes with structure. High-end designers started this trend a couple of seasons ago and it has now taken over the bag market. A structured handbag is flattering on women and creates a pulled-together look that will make your outfit complete. Structured shapes are perfect for the small-bag trend because they create an impressive ensemble when paired together.

Another major trend for handbags this season is the use of the color emerald. Pantone has declared emerald THE color of the year and designers are picking up on this by offering accessories in the jewel tone. Emerald can be a difficult color to wear depending on your hair and skin tone. But, when it comes to accessories, everyone can pull off the color-Du-jour. You’ll love rocking a handbag, shoes, and jewelry in this fabulous color.

There are several new trends for handbags which you can easily add to your growing wardrobe. Trends come and go over time. This is why it’s essential to have a well-rounded bag selection that includes a few trendy pieces here and there. A small structured bag will be in style all year long and has the ability to add a fashion forward edge to your look.

Designer handbags in NYC have turned in a new direction for the spring 2013 season. Visit for additional information.

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