Dermatology Tips for Skin Care in Greenwich, CT

People who are concerned about their skin and seek out professional dermatology in Austin can benefit from several tips regarding care of the skin and dermatology. Austin dermatologists and doctors are available to assist patients in resolving skin issues through a variety of techniques and methods. The following tips are a good starting point.

  1. Wash your face before going to bed. Leaving dirt and other particles on your face overnight can clog and irritate the skin. Wash thoroughly at night, and rinse in the morning, especially if you are 40 or older.

  2. If you use creams, change it up periodically. Every six months or so, switch creams in order to prepare your face for constant rejuvenation.

  3. Eat omega-threes. Not all fat is bad for you, as any dermatology expert in Austin will likely attest, and in fact, some is necessary such as the positive fat that is found in salmon, almonds, and other products. These help your cells to hydrate your body, which is good for your facial skin and complexion.

  4. Have an exercise routine. When you work your body out, it oxygenates every part of your body, including your face, creating collagen and nicer tone.

  5. Wear sunscreen. Harmful UV rays can severely damage and age your face. A dermatology doctor in Austin may appreciate your business, but it’s obviously better to practice prevention than to have to repair damaged skin. Make sure your sunscreen does not contain oil.

  6. Moisturize. If your skin is dry, it is important to keep it hydrated by sealing in water. This can help your skin heal, as well as prevent dry skin conditions from coming back in the future.

  7. Use a humidifier. Even in Austin, a humidifier can keep moisture in the air so that your face can remain hydrated throughout the day or night.

  8. Give up smoking. Not only does this have other obvious health benefits, but not everyone knows that smoking is not good for the skin and can cause wrinkles, especially around the mouth.

  9. Visit a practitioner of dermatology in Austin. If you continue to suffer from any kind of adverse skin condition, including dry facial skin, seeking the advice and treatment of a trained dermatologist is the smart option. A dermatologist can correctly diagnose your condition and give you the best possible treatment advice for your particular skin.

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