Dentists Silver Spring MD Cosmetic Dental Experts

Dentists Silver Spring MD Cosmetic Dental Experts

Cosmetic dental experts can give you that wow smile you’ve always dreamed of. With the amazing advances in dentistry, dentists in Silver Spring MD are able to give you a picture perfect smile that rivals A-list celebrities. A visit to dentists Silver Spring MD will show you the options available to improve your smile permanently. You won’t be self-conscious about smiling or speaking to people.

Replacing Missing Teeth

When you lose a tooth, it is almost impossible to eat anything properly. Even soft foods can cause slight pain that makes it difficult to properly chew the food. Missing teeth can also make you self-conscious about your appearance and in some cases can cause speech problems. When you want to restore your mouth to function as it should, dental implants are definitely the best option.

What Are Dental Implants?

Because there is no tooth or what is left of the tooth is too weak to be rebuilt with a cosmetic tooth, the dental implant adheres to the gum. If you’re wonder if dental implants are the same thing as dentures, guess again. Dental implants are screwed tightly to the gums. You do not feel this once the procedure is complete and the teeth function as they did when you had your own natural teeth. With dental implants, you can eat virtually whatever you want and unlike dentures, the implants will never shift around or need to be removed.

Dental implants eventually grow into the mouth, making them the ideal solution for those who want permanent teeth. The root of the tooth is reconstructed with the metal screw and the new cosmetic tooth is screwed onto that metal. With these two things, you now have teeth that function and feel like your own natural teeth which makes a huge difference for most people. Those who have worn dentures for years will immediately notice the vast difference between dentures and dental implants. There is simply no comparison.

How Do I Get Dental Implants?

Before you can get dental implants, your dentist must determine you are a candidate for dental implants. You will have to undergo a few exams and then the dentist will discuss your options and scheduling commitments that will entail the cosmetic work. It will take multiple sessions to complete dental implants, which is why payment plans and scheduling are vital parts of the plan for your amazing smile.

Learn more about cosmetic dental work and if you’re a candidate for the procedure by visiting We have many options to choose from to improve your smile.

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