Dental Whitening and Cosmetic Dentistry in Wilmette

The efficiency and quality of modern bleaching systems are time-tested, and the proof of these is profound. In fact, the absence of adverse effects on the teeth and gums after bleaching is truly remarkable. In some cases, after a person has undergone bleaching, a reduction in tooth sensitivity has occurred, while an increase in enamel density happened. This is the result of fluoride, potassium and calcium preparations, which are now part of many bleaching systems used in your cosmetic dentistry in Wilmette.

Is dental whitening right for you?

During the life of your teeth, they are continuously exposed to various dyes, which are contained in beverages, pharmaceuticals, foods, cosmetics, and tobacco. As a consequence, the color of teeth will change. Dyes may be deposited on the surface or may penetrate into hard tooth tissues. This will often cause discoloration of the tooth, which will become traumatic. In some cases, endodontic treatment (root canal), as well as a violation of the formation and maturation of teeth (fluorosis, hypoplasia, etc.) may occur. There is, perhaps, one absolute contraindication for professional whitening -; the presence of allergic reaction to hydrogen peroxide or other bleaching systems components. In USA, professional bleaching is allowed to people over 13 years of age (with a parent’s consent, of course). This is also based in accordance with the oral health of the child.

What method to choose?

All professional whitening techniques can achieve significant and sustainable whitening. The difference between them is one of time and cost. For example, one may require regular home whitening gel mouthguards for 3-4 weeks. Clinical methods can achieve the desired result in 1-3 visits. To solve the problem of choosing a method, it is necessary to schedule a consultation. After a thorough inspection, the dentist will suggest the most suitable plan and agree what whitening treatment is best and the cost of that procedure.

Only your own teeth can be whitened. Fillings, veneers, and ceramic crowns have a completely different structure, and bleaching technology does not work the same on these devices. Therefore, if you chose to have teeth whitening performed, it should be preceded by dental restorations (fillings or veneers installation) or orthopedic work. For more information, contact Chicago Beautiful Smiles your cosmetic dentistry in Wilmette today.

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