Dental Implants in Auburn, WA Turn Frowns into Smiles

Do you avoid smiling? Do you look serious most of the time? You may be able to transform your personality simply by adding some implants and filling in gaps in your smile. People don’t like to smile if they feel self-conscious. If you have some missing teeth, you may feel more like frowning than smiling. If this describes you, you can still find a solution.

Permanently Change the Way That Your Smile Looks

By checking about dental implants in Auburn, WA, you can permanently change the way that your smile looks. If you are missing some teeth, they can be replaced through implantology. While this process can take some time (about six months or more), it is well worth the wait. In this case, patience is indeed a virtue.

How Implants Are Applied

When dental implants are added, the dentist adds a titanium post that can usually be attached to a dental cap. Titanium posts serve as artificial roots and can also be attached to fixed bridges or dentures. It is completely up to the client how many implants he or she wishes to add. Each dental case is different and the need for implants is different too. That is why you need to see a dentist and find out more about this trending, popular dental technology.

An Extremely Popular Dental Solution

Most patients (about 98%) who have received dental implants in Auburn, WA have reported excellent results. They not only can smile widely but can also eat again and speak with more confidence. A dental implant is the one dental restoration that is considered permanent. The post, once fused to the bone, anchors the crown or a prosthetic so it will remain intact.

Call for More Details Now: Schedule an Appointment

If you would like to learn more about this innovative dental technology, you should contact us today and schedule an appointment for an implant consultation. You can either finance the treatment or use dental insurance to pay for part of the dental work. You can find out more about how to pay for this process by going online and giving us a call for more details now.

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