Dental Implants 101

Dental Implants 101

SmileMakeoversNewYork.comIn New York implant dentistry is becoming the number one choice for those patients who need to replace missing teeth. They provide the ideal fit as well as the perfectly natural look and feel of natural teeth making them the most practical, healthy choice for your remaining teeth, gums and jaw bone. Here is a quick lesson in dental implants 101.

Health of your Jaw Bone and Teeth

A single missing tooth can have a negative affect on your jaw bone and remaining teeth. A missing tooth leaves a gap in the alignment of your teeth. Whether it is a front tooth, back tooth or somewhere in between that gap will cause the slow but definite misalignment of your remaining teeth. Your teeth are designed to fit together and provide support to keep each other in place and allow you to have a healthy, comfortable bite. A gap will allow teeth to slowly shift which in turn will affect your bite.

Missing teeth also have an affect on your jaw bone. Your teeth must remain in contact with your jaw bone as they stimulate the production of bone cells. Although you can use dentures and bridges to assist with shifting they will not provide the stimulation required by your jaw bone. However in New York implant dentistry provides a tooth replacement that actually inserts posts into your jaw bone which act exactly in the same manner as your natural roots. You will maintain your natural bite, avoid shifting and produce bone cells with dental implants.

Permanent Solution

Unlike other tooth replacement options implants are permanent. Dentures have to be replaced every five months in order to remain properly affixed to your mouth. Because you have lost the roots of your teeth required for jaw bone stimulation your bone loss will result in shrinkage. This will affect the fit of your dentures. Implants might seem expensive but it is a one shot cost compared to dentures which will have to be replaced several time over the course of your life.

As you can see there are many reasons New York implant dentistry is the tooth replacement solution of choice. You will enjoy the look and feel of natural teeth with the added health benefits of your permanent implants.

When it comes to tooth loss New York Implant dentistry is your best bet. To learn about your options visit

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