Dental care for preschoolers

Dental care for preschoolers

It matters little how you might feel about the dentist, but what is important is that you make sure your youngsters teeth are properly looked after. Taking dental care seriously is something that all responsible parents must do; they must see to it that their preschoolers get regular checkups at their pediatric dentist and that they are taught that brushing at least twice a day is hugely important. Dental checkups and routine brushing of course are very important, but there are other things that can be done as well.

Learn the basics of brushing and flossing:

As mentioned, brushing after breakfast and again prior to bedtime is very important. If, during the day your child should get into something which has a high sugar content or is sticky like toffee, then a third brushing should be done.

At about the age of three a child should have mastered spitting out toothpaste instead of swallowing it. This is the time to switch from a child’s toothpaste which does not contain any fluoride to one that does. As too much fluoride is not good, just put a small amount on the child’s brush, not much larger than a pea is sufficient.

Once preschooler’s teeth have grown large enough that they are touching, it is time to begin flossing. There are single use flosses that have little handles on the ends of a piece of floss material, these are ideal for youngsters that do not have 100 percent control of their hands yet.

Three minutes can seem like an eternity to a little one, but three minutes is the time that is necessary to brush properly. It is best that you stay with the child to make sure that the session goes right.

The dentist:

Dental care in Ashland MA should start when the first tooth cuts through the gum; at the latest. A dentist who specializes in pediatric care has qualifications that make him the perfect person for treating your preschooler. The pediatric dentist of course knows exactly what he or she is doing, but they do their job in such a way that the child sees the visit as a fun time as well as educational as the dentist teaches him the proper ways to conduct oral care as the mouth and teeth continue to develop.

Preschool dental care is the specialty of JNL Family Dental Office. Call today for an appointment at any of their three convenient offices.

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