Decorative and Practical Uses for Retaining Wall Pittsburgh

Decorative and Practical Uses for Retaining Wall Pittsburgh

What will add decorative appeal to your landscaping, solve problems with slopping areas, and increase the value of your property? The answer is a retaining wall constructed of decorative block. Retaining walls can be used for residential and commercial property and have many practical applications.

If you are interested in a Retaining Wall Pittsburgh area, there are many local contractors who are qualified to do the job. When choosing a contractor the homeowner needs to inquire about the product he intends to use to construct the retaining wall. There are many companies who manufacture decorative block which can be found at your local home improvement store. To ensure the best possible result, the homeowner needs to insist the wall be built of Omni Stone Pittsburgh. This brand of decorative block is well known for quality, durability, and attractiveness. It is available in various colors and styles, so homeowners are sure to find the one that best suits their home and landscape.

The installation of these wall systems is quite simple. As an example, we’ll use a hillside at the rear of a yard. The homeowner is concerned because the hill is slipping and encroaching on the property. The first step in building the retaining wall is removing the earth from behind the location of the wall and then digging a ditch for a footer. Next, concrete is poured in the ditch and after it hardens it is time to begin putting up the block. Some wall systems are constructed of blocks that are placed on top of one another without anyway to join them. The Retaining Wall Pittsburgh system uses fiberglass pins to connect the blocks which provides more stability for the wall. Caps are placed on the top row of blocks to prevent them from filling with water. After construction of the wall is complete, the space behind it is filled with gravel, then covered with topsoil and planted with grass seed. This is an attractive and durable solution to the homeowner’s problem.

In addition to retaining walls, Omni Stone Pittsburgh and can be used to create borders for flower beds and walls to enclose decks and swiming pools. If you are interested in installing a Retaining Wall Pittsburgh or another project requiring decorative block, you can learn more about these products online.

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