Dealing with Tough Plumbing Clogs by Hiring Skilled Residential Contractors

As a homeowner, you know how to make minor repairs around the house. You can tighten a loose pipe to stop a leak. You can also plunge out small clogs that prevent your toilet from draining.

However, when you encounter major plumbing mishaps, you realize that you are no match for what is going on deep within the pipes and drains of your home. By hiring a contractor to work on a clogged drain near downtown Chicago, you can have plumbing problems that you are no match for dealt with professionally and quickly.

Commercial-Grade Snake

When you hire a residential plumber to work on a clogged drain near downtown Chicago, you expect him or her to show up with all of the needed equipment in hand. One of the primary tools that the plumber will use is a commercial-grade snake.

The snake is unlike the one that you can buy in the hardware store for you to use at home. The one used by plumbers is usually thicker and longer. It also can go down farther in drains to remove clogs that could be near the municipal sewer line.

The plumber will attempt to use the snake first to remove the clog. If this tool fails to work, he or she may have to use other equipment to determine what is clogging your pipes.

Plumbing Scope

The next step after using the snake is to use the scope to find out what is causing the clog. Sometimes clogs consist of debris that is a bit harder to remove through regular means like plunging or snaking. It could require that part of the pipe be dug up to remove clogs caused by tree roots or grease.

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