Dealing with Dentophobia by Scheduling an Appointment with Children’s Dentistry in Phoenixville

Dealing with Dentophobia by Scheduling an Appointment with Children’s Dentistry in Phoenixville

One of the most common phobias present is dentophobia (fear of the dentist). This fear starts during childhood when the child experiences pain during dental procedures. In the future, they will ignore the fact they should regularly go to the dentist twice yearly, which would help them avoid many of the problems associated with the teeth. In some cases, people may hear horror stories from other people even though they may have never experienced one themselves. For that very reason, they gain a fear of the dentist.


Children’s Dentistry in Phoenixville recommends that young children who have dentophobia undergo general anesthesia to help with the process. This may scare parents, but this approach to treatment has plenty of advantages.

Faster treatment

Damaged teeth, cavities and pain will all lead to severe consequences. Dentists say this is highly undesirable in a period of growth and development of a child. Therefore, it is better to agree to treatment under general anesthesia, rather than allow the child to sit in a hotbed of oral bacteria for months or years. Once they are at Pediatric Dentistry of Phoenixville, the child will no longer be scared.


Dentistry using general anesthesia is slightly higher in price, but it will save on your nerves. While the baby is asleep, the doctor can fully concentrate on the procedure, thereby increasing efficiency and significantly reducing the time for treatment. For the most part, dental prices are usually the same within a city. The only way they differ in a major way is if you move out of town.

Painless procedure

The most important thing for a child while being at the dentist is being comfortable. This may mean being able to sleep, not feeling pain, not seeing terrifying tools or hearing their unpleasant buzz. General anesthesia is used only with high-quality anesthetic that is well tolerated by the children’s body, and is rapidly excreted.

After a successful dental treatment at the Children’s Dentistry in Phoenixville your child will not be afraid of dentists any longer. They will trust dentists and safely open their mouth for a scheduled cleanings. Dentophobia should never be in the way of regular preventive measures to keep your child’s teeth healthy.

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