Date Food Tips: Essential Do’s and Don’ts

Date Food Tips: Essential Do’s and Don’ts

When it comes to Dating In Ri, there are a number of factors you must consider. However, one that is often overlooked is the type of food your order and then eat while on a date. The truth is that many first dates will revolve around some type of eating experience. This means that you need to carefully consider the type of food that you order to ensure that it will not take away from your dating experience.

While you may be lulled into a false sense of security when dining out do to the enticing smells in the air, suggestive glances from across the table and the buzz caused by your wine – there are some practical things to consider when you are eating out for your date.

Instead of picking your favorite meal from the menu, there are a number of factors to consider. There are some people that even create a no-go list for date food.

When you are selecting your first date foods, there are five foods that should only be approached with extreme caution:

Onion or Garlic

While you may love the flavor of onion and garlic and dishes laden heavily with these ingredients can be tempting, you have to consider the chances of a great first kiss after your meal full of these smelly, but delicious, ingredients. If you are both eating the same thing, it may be okay to order; however, it is suggested that you avoid any foods that contain raw onion or garlic.


While this may be the quintessential item on the pub menu, you should consider this: have you ever witnessed anyone gracefully eating a hamburger? Chances are the answer is no. This is also true for the taco, which is also considered a no-go first date food.


People wearing white clothing are not the only ones that should avoid spaghetti. The fact is that eating this can be quite an involved process and there are a number of opportunities where you may make a mess. If you must have pasta, consider ordering the orecchiette or penne.

Squid Ink

You may love it, but chances are you will also leave the restaurant with discolored lips and teeth.


Any dish that includes finely chopped parsley needs to be eaten with caution. These little green fragments seem to know just how to make it into the spaces between your teeth.

While many first dates will revolve around some type of eating, you should take time to carefully consider the items your order. This will help to ensure that no embarrassing issues present themselves after the meal.

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