Custom Embroidery in Olathe, KS

Custom Embroidery in Olathe, KS

Have you ever been in charge of acquiring clothing for a sports team? What about hats or shirts for a special event? In most cases, when you are looking for items for either, you want to customize them with your logo or a team name. The best way to perform customization on clothing items is by using embroidery. With embroidery, you can come up with whatever you want to have placed on the clothing item, and then let the embroidery establishment work their magic.

How exactly does your logo get embroidered into a shirt or hat? When you have decided on what you want to embroider on your items, take a nice clear image of it to someone who offers Embroidery in Olathe, like House of Apparel. This image should be fairly clean and crisp, so it can be easily digitized. The embroidery shop will take your image and scan it into their embroidery program. Some programs allow you to edit your design, which you can do if necessary. There may be times when you have to clean up the edges or maybe reduce the number of colors used on the image. The final color scheme can also be chosen. Once editing is complete, the digitized image can be transferred onto the item that needs to be embroidered.

Putting images onto clothing items vary in cost depending on the fabric. For example, t-shirts and polo shirts are the easiest since the fabric is typically cotton or some sort of blend. Hats and visors are more difficult since they are made of thicker material. If you take a logo to be embroidered onto items, the embroidery shop quotes a price based on the difficulty of the digitizing process for that logo as well as the make up of the fabric. If it’s words you want placed on items, most embroidery shops charge by the letter.

The finished products are professional-looking items you will be proud to wear and to hand out to your team. Look for a shop that offers Embroidery in Olathe to get your team logo displayed everywhere!

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