CSOS Veterinary Pharmacies Offer Solutions

CSOS Veterinary Pharmacies Offer Solutions

When it comes to the CSOS, veterinary pharmacies will be required to follow the same procedures as any other type of pharmaceutical business. CSOS, or the Controlled Substance Ordering System, is a DEA-regulated ordering system that must be used when purchasing or distributing drugs that fall into the categories of Schedule I-V of controlled substances, some of which relate to drugs which are used for the pain management of animals. A CSOS veterinary pharmacy is legally authorized to handle such medications.

The Difference in Options
A CSOS veterinary pharmacy will be able to offer a much broader range of pain management drugs than a veterinary pharmacy that does not, or is not capable of participating in the system. One of the reasons that a CSOS veterinary pharmacy needs this level of legal and federal oversight is that the opioids that are prescribed for pet pain management are also used by humans, who may abuse these substances. Fentanyl, for example, is an opioid that has effects as much as one hundred times more powerful than morphine. Both were developed for use in humans, but Fentanyl and similar opioids have been approved for use in animals as well. Attention to detail is necessary to ensure the proper usage and distribution of these powerful narcotics.

CSOS Veterinary Pharmacists Answer Your Questions
One advantage of a CSOS veterinary pharmacy is that they will be able to answer any questions of concerns that you may have about the prescribed drug and any interactions that it may have with other types of medication. Drug interactions are as much a concern for animals as they are for humans, so it is important that any pet owner have all of the necessary information to ensure that there will be no harmful, or even fatal, interactions with other medications that may have been prescribed.

Older Pets
Information from a CSOS veterinary pharmacy will be particularly important in cases where a pet has been prescribed medication for a genetic condition developed at a late age; some opioids have a negative reaction in systems with drugs meant for the treatment of senility in animals.

Proper Usage and Care
CSOS veterinary pharmacies prescribe the drugs that animals need, but it will be the duty of owners to ensure that those controlled and powerful substances are properly administered. If there are any questions about the dispensing and scheduling of the medication, a veterinary pharmacist can provide assistance.

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