Crucial Information on Dental Implants in Highland Park

There are three types of dental implants, and they are normally described according to their shape and how they are attached to the jaw. These types are endosseous, subperiosteal and transosteal. Dental implants in Highland Park are an ideal option for patients who have lost their tooth or teeth and are constantly looking for solutions. They are preferred over bridges and dentures because they done using the advanced technology and function much better.

What are dental implants?

These are fixtures made from titanium and are screwed into the jawbone of a patient to provide a base for prosthetic teeth. After a successful implant and healing, a crown is fixed to make the artificial tooth stronger.

Benefits of using dental implants

* They are firm and secure.

* They are made from high quality material called titanium, and they feel and look just like natural teeth.

* They preserve your natural tooth tissue by avoiding the need to cut down adjacent teeth for bridgework.

* They are made to last normally up to 15 years or even more.

* They retain your natural face shape and smile.

* You can bite naturally and eat virtually anything you want. Unlike removable dentures, with implants you can experience the full taste of food.

Who needs dental implants?

Adults are definitely candidates because they have well developed and full grown jawbones. Before you have these fixtures installed, it is important to the following:

* A full-grown jawbone is needed to hold the implant.

* Dental implants are not covered under any insurance policy.

* This dental procedure can take up to six months or so; therefore, you need to patient while undergoing the procedure.

Tooth implant surgery

Proper examination is carried on the patient to determine if he or she has enough and strong bones to support the implant. The dental surgeon will first look at the medical history of the patient before proceeding to implant.

Once the specialist has confirmed that the patient has enough jawbones, he opens up the gum to expose the bone where the titanium implants will be fixed. The type of the dental implant to be installed will depend on the size and shape of the patient’s jawbone.

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