Critical Reasons to Hire an Experienced Estate Lawyer in Bangor, PA

If you die without having a last will and testament in place, you leave your estate vulnerable to being divided up by your state’s probate court. Your money and assets may end up going to people that you intended to exclude from inheriting anything from you.

Rather than leave the job of settling your estate to a probate judge, you can hire an experienced estate lawyer in Bangor, PA to write out your last will and testament for you. These reasons can convince you to put one of these attorneys on retainer today.

Naming Your Heirs

One of the key reasons to put one of these lawyers on retainer today is to take advantage of the opportunity to name your heirs. You do not want the probate court to name your heirs for you. You can tell your attorney to write down the names of the people that you want to benefit from your estate.

When you die, your estate will be filed with the court. The judge will then execute your estate as you wish. Your lawyer can testify under oath that you were of sound mind and body when you made your will.

You can find out more about hiring an estate lawyer in Bangor, PA online. To set up a consultation or get more information about this legal specialty, contact Molnar Law Offices.

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