Crime Happens 24 Hours A Day

Crime Happens 24 Hours A Day

Crime is not something that just happens from eight to five and then wraps it up for the night, crime and criminals never stop. If you have been arrested and charged with a crime then, regardless of the time of day, you will want to get 24 hour legal advice in Glasgow.

When you are arrested, the police will prepare a charge sheet which indicates what you are being charged with and all of the details pertaining to the crime. Once the charge sheet has been prepared, based on certain circumstances you will be allowed to return home on bail and return to court on the day of your hearing or you will be kept in custody until you are brought up in front of the court. Your first court appearance will usually be the magistrate’s court although more and more often the courts are using video technology and you may be brought in front of a virtual court. You will be put in front of one of these courts even though your eventual trail will be held at Crown Court at a later date.

Getting 24 hour legal advice in Glasgow is the correct thing to do if you have been charged with a serious offence such as armed robbery, an offence that may deny you bail.

You can be released on bail by the police once you have been subjected to the charge procedure, when you are granted bail you are free to go about your business until the date of your court appearance. You may be granted bail but there will certainly be conditions associated with it. You will most likely have to have a permanent address where you can be contacted and you will be denied access to certain people, especially if you were part of a group that committed the crime. Chances are you will have to relinquish your passport so that you cannot leave the country and you will be required to report to a police station at a time decided by the police, this is usually weekly.

There is a very good chance that you will be denied bail and remanded if the offence is considered serious or you have been charged and convicted of a serious crime in the past.

Matthew Berlow Criminal Lawyer are available to represent you in court accused of murder, assault or theft. We are based in Glasgow, South Lanarkshire.

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