Convincing Reasons to Hire a Criminal Defense Attorney to Take Your Case

As a lay person, you are probably somewhat familiar with the major criminal laws in your state. You know that it is against the law to hold up a bank, for example, or assault or kill someone if you are not defending yourself or your family.

However, when you have been accused of a serious crime, you could have no idea what statute is going to apply to your case or what you can do to defend yourself from the charges. By hiring a criminal defense lawyer near Lemont, IL, you can build a solid case to take to court and show to the judge or jury that you are innocent.

Choosing a Good Lawyer

When you search for a criminal defense lawyer near Lemont, IL, you want to choose one who will meet or exceed your expectations for defending you. You ideally need a lawyer who has plenty of experience defending clients like you. He or she should have handled dozens of case like yours in the past and won favorable outcomes for his or her clients.

You can ask for the attorney’s win-loss record upfront during your free consultation. You can also read reviews of local attorneys to make sure the one that you meet with can satisfy your legal needs.

Affordable Payment Options

You also want to hire an attorney who can offer you affordable payment options. If you cannot afford all of his or her fees upfront, you might want the option of making monthly payments or using a tax refund to pay off the rest of what you owe.

You can ask about payment options during your free consultation. You can then sign your contract agreeing to the terms.

You can find out more about hiring criminal defense lawyer online. Contact Giannola Legal LLC.

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