Consulting A Real Estate Lawyer In Hartford When You Are Buying Property

Consulting A Real Estate Lawyer In Hartford When You Are Buying Property

When you choose to buy a property it is urgent that you speak with a Lawyer in Hartford. An attorney can make determinations that are necessary to protect your interests. For instance, he or she can assist you with this purchase by reviewing the sales contract, mortgage loan documentation, and offer assistance with an appraisal. These key factors are critical when you buy a property as these contracts may present language that you do not fully understand that could cause difficulties later on.

Contacting an Attorney When You Buy Real Estate

At all real estate closings an attorney is present to review documentation presented by the seller and the mortgage lender providing funds for the buyer. However, this attorney is typically there to protect either the seller or the buyer specifically. In these circumstances, it is necessary for you to consult your own attorney to protect your interests. It is beneficial to you to allow your own attorney to review the documentation and determine whether all paperwork represents your interests as well as the seller’s.

Local Legal Representation

Michael Chambers, Jr. is a real estate attorney who understands the recent changes in the housing market and mortgage lending industry. He will assist you in protecting your interests when you choose to buy a property. This attorney reviews critical factors such as whether the seller has the legal right to sell the property and is the legal owner. He will review your mortgage documentation to ensure that your chosen lender is not taking advantage of you through predatory lending practices. If you intend to buy a property in the Hartford area and need legal advice contact Michael Chambers, Jr. today or visit his website at for further details.


A real estate Lawyer in Hartford protects your interests by reviewing all documentation pertaining to the chosen property. An attorney can assist you in making determinations such as establishing whether you will receive a refund of your deposit or down payment if your lender denies you a mortgage. He or she can review the appraisal of the property to determine whether the listed appraiser is a valid license and whether the property’s price exceeds its actual value. Buying real estate property is an investment and you need a real estate attorney to secure this investment and your interests.

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