Comparing Quotes from Commercial Roofers in Oahu

Commercial roofers in Oahu are plentiful. Finding the right one to take on a job can be difficult, however. It is hard to compare quotes from different contractors and this can leave a business being forced to guess when choosing a provider. Nevertheless, there are ways to make this process easier and compare quotes from different providers. First and foremost, obtain quotes from a minimum of three providers to ensure the right company is selected for the job. Following are tips to help compare quotes from these companies.


Make certain the exact materials are listed in the quote, as this makes it easier to compare estimates from different providers. Every item to be used during the project should be listed on this quote also, right down to the sealants and nails. Materials that may otherwise seem insignificant in terms of the final cost should not be neglected when obtaining these quotes.


Labor costs often vary greatly by the provider. One thing to consider when comparing quotes is the services that are provided. For instance, will the contractor be responsible for cleaning up once the job is complete or does this fall on the homeowner? When this task falls to the property owner, the quote may be lower. Only the person requesting the work to be done can determine which services he wishes to pay for and which he can tackle on his own.


When evaluating any warranty provided with the roofing services, be sure to look at the warranty for both the materials and the labor. A contractor may provide you with the warranty for the materials and fail to mention you will be responsible for any labor costs. Have this warranty fully written out in the contract, so no problems arise in the future.

Contact us when the time comes to obtain quotes from commercial roofers in Oahu. We are happy to provide you with a free estimate for the project to be completed. Whether the roof needs to be redesigned to prevent ponding issues or existing water damage needs to be repaired, the team can handle the job with ease. Furthermore, David’s Roofing offers painting and general contracting services. Visit the website to learn more about how we can be of help to you.

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