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The transmission is considered to be one of the main components of vehicles that allows them to operate but can also suffer from many issues over time if the vehicle isn’t maintained correctly. Unfortunately, many drivers don’t realize when there are common signs it needs attention. Here are a few common transmission issues you can’t ignore as a car owner.

Fluid Leak

Transmissions are known to be sealed and shouldn’t leak. Leak spots that are present in your garage or the driveway are a sign an underlying issue is present. Consider placing a piece of cardboard under the vehicle once it’s parked overnight to determine if any new leaks form. You may notice bright red or dark brown fluid, which is a sign you need immediate transmission repair in Pinellas County, FL. You may even notice a burning smell, which is a sign the transmission is overheating. Ignoring the leak or the odor can eventually lead to transmission failure if the parts aren’t lubricated properly, which can cost even more to replace rather than repairing it once you notice the first signs of leakage.

Warning Light

Your car is designed to warn you when there’s an issue present with the transmission to ensure it can be serviced or repaired immediately. It’s important to avoid ignoring the transmission warning light that may come on to ensure the problem is diagnosed by a mechanic who performs transmission repair in Pinellas County, FL.


Although the transmission is prone to making noise when it’s operating, it shouldn’t be loud when the car is in neutral. The vehicle likely needs transmission repair in Pinellas County, FL, if weird noises occur while shifting. Mechanical wear is often the main cause of noises that are heard during shifting, which means the parts need to be replaced. You may have a worn reverse idler gear that has reached the end of its lifespan or worn bearings that are no longer durable.

It’s also common to notice the gears are slipping when you attempt to designate a specific gear. The car may pop out of gear while it’s driving, which can be unsafe and also make it difficult to operate the vehicle.

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