Common Problems with a Manual Transmission

Common Problems with a Manual Transmission

In today’s world, gas prices keep going up while most people’s wages aren’t following suit. Although a manual transmission can be more difficult to master than an automatic transmission, a manual unit is well-known for helping to save gas in addition to possibly trimming a car’s final price. Still, like an automatic unit, it may eventually experience problems that require repair. Hiring a top service provider who fully understands these units is critical for keeping your unit in tip-top shape for many more miles.

How the Manual Transmission Works
This transmission transfers power from the engine to your drive wheels. There are two kinds of manual units: the constant-mesh and the sliding-gear design. The sliding-gear one is now obsolete. In the constant-mesh one, the different gears—including the mainshaft, cluster and drive gears—continue to turn even when your car’s transmission is in neutral. Devices called synchronizers are included in the transmission to keep the gears from clashing or grinding.

Problems with the Manual Transmission
Some of the most common issues with this type of transmission is that it seems to hesitate to get into gear while you’re driving. When you shift to drive from park, your car should instantly go into its proper gear. Your transmission may need professional attention if your vehicle isn’t going as quickly as your engine makes it sound like it’s moving. In addition, you’ll need to get your transmission checked out if you hear an abrupt loud, mechanical sound that doesn’t sound normal. Low or leaking fluid is another common transmission problem.

Other Issues
If your transmission is producing a grinding feeling or noise when you’re shifting, this may be a sign that your unit is malfunctioning. A burning smell may also indicate that your transmission fluid is overheating, which can eventually lead the unit to damage itself and unfortunately break down. Also, if you notice your check engine light come on, it’s wise to get your vehicle inspected, as the problem could have to do with your transmission. Getting these types of issues resolved early on can prevent an inexpensive repair from becoming a costlier one.

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