Common Dental Symptoms You Should Not Ignore

Common Dental Symptoms You Should Not Ignore

Even if you abide to a regular schedule of dental check-ups, there are things that can still go wrong when it comes to your gums and teeth. Understanding when it is time to call your dentist with your symptoms is crucial to ensure the problem does not become worse.

Some of the signs you should contact a Dentist Austin in TX right away are highlighted here.

Changing Gums

Gum disease is a serious condition. This broad category includes conditions such as gingivitis, which is inflammation of your gums and periodontitis, which is a more serious condition that when left untreated can result in tooth loss. These conditions are caused by a buildup of plaque, which is a sticky, virtually invisible film that contains bacteria and can form on clean teeth within 24 hours. If this plaque remains on your teeth, it can harden into a harder to remove substance, called tartar. This can begin to accumulate under your actual gum line, which will cause more serious inflammation.

If this condition is present, and you notice the following symptoms, contacting a dentist right away is essential:

* Gums that change in color

* Swollen gums

* Receding gums

* New spaces between teeth, pus or odor

White Spots on Your Teeth

Dental decay is a serious infection present in your teeth that starts with the enamel being dissolved in a response to the acid that is produced by the bacteria. Early signs of this problem are white spots forming on the surface of your teeth.

In most cases, tooth decay will begin in between your teeth, and you will not be aware of it. This is why regular checkups are essential to find the signs of this decay early on, prior to it becoming more serious.

Increased Tooth Sensitivity

As decay moves through the enamel of the tooth and into the center, which is where the blood vessels and nerves are, you will likely begin to be much more sensitive to certain foods or extreme hot and cold. When this occurs, it is important to seek dental services quickly to treat the cavity before it becomes worse.

Tooth Pain

Extended tooth pain will typically be a sign of a serious problem. You should seek dental care even if the pain is gone in a day or two, as there could be a more serious underlying issue.

With these symptoms in mind, you now understand when you should seek dental care to prevent more serious issues from arising.

If you are experiencing any type of unusual or persistent dental problem, contact a Dentist in Austin TX at Anne Lyon DDS and Associates to make an appointment.

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