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Many options are available when it comes to fire extinguishers. The important thing is to know which fire extinguisher will best meet your needs for fire safety and prevention. If you choose the wrong fire extinguisher, you may end up with a tragedy that you did not expect to occur. For any place of business or other type of facility, it’s important to have one or more CO2 fire extinguishers on hand to deal with potential conflagrations. These fire extinguishers are able to effectively quench electrical fires.


CO2 extinguishers utilize carbon dioxide gas. This gas is a nonconductive and noncorrosive gas that suppresses the oxygen that a fire needs to flourish and grow. These extinguishers hold the CO2 in a high-pressure liquid state. Wherever there is electrical equipment, which exists in most buildings, commercial businesses, homes, a CO2 extinguisher can be very useful. These extinguishers are also effective at suppressing fires that start from an ignition source and flammable liquids.

Using the Extinguisher

In order to use a CO2 fire extinguisher effectively, a correct procedure must be followed. First, you must pull the safety pin. Secondly, aim the nozzle at the base of the fire. Do not aim above the base. The next step is to squeeze lever gently to allow the dispensing of the CO2 gas. With a side to side sweeping motion, continue to attack the fire until it is put out. This action should be continued until all flames are effectively suppressed.


You want to be sure that your CO2 fire extinguisher is properly maintained and protected from damage. Secure your extinguisher in a fire extinguisher cabinet to protect it from accidental or intentional contact that could damage the unit and make it ineffective when an emergency occurs. The extinguisher should be accessible to individuals who need to know where it is located and how to use it when necessary.

It’s important to have fire extinguishers inspected on a routine basis. Many times this may involve a yearly inspection by an inspector who visits your facility or by taking the extinguisher to a servicing location to have it inspected.

If you notice any defects with your fire extinguisher at any time, it’s important to have it evaluated immediately.

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