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Chris Dixon has insurance licenses in Florida and South Carolina, as well as a Bachelor of Science degree from Utah State University. His work mainly centres around retirement planning and offering appropriate advice to clients.

Chris Dixon’s role as a managing partner of the Oxford Advisory group has given him the chance to work with people and go over what they need to do. A big part of his role has been working with people who are about to retire or people on the verge of retirement. With his help and guidance, he has found strategies that have given people the opportunity to meet their financial goals in the long term, allowing for a more comfortable retirement than they would have otherwise been able to achieve.

Chris Dixon is one of several members of the Oxford Advisory Group that people can contact in order to discuss their situation and how to prepare for retirement. The focus of the company is seeing how people can improve their current financial situation, how to preserve the assets they already have and a focus on the legacy that will be passed on subsequently to future generations, as well as providing contacts for other issues such as establishing trust funds should people need it.

Outside of the company, he has also been used as a useful source of information for a number of media outlets. In addition to this, he co-hosts a radio program and holds a number of seminars about retirement planning.

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