Choosing the best curtain fabric

Choosing the best curtain fabric

There are many fabrics that work well when made into curtains, however, prior to choosing the curtain fabric give consideration to your interior décor and the window that will be covered, look for a fabric that compliments them both. An excellent choice for more causal décor is burlap, many people also use cotton. For the room which is more formal and elegant; velvet, brocades and jacquards are always a good choice. Many people will choose a sheer fabric, perhaps lace, if they are going for a bright, sunny look.

When the homeowner is going for a light, airy feel in a room, a great choice is always sheer. If privacy is an issue, as well as insulation, curtain lining or window shades are an ideal way of accomplishing it. In this way, during the cold winter months or when privacy is required you will have two alternatives, either the shades or backed curtains. A very popular choice for sheer curtain fabric is voile, it is available in a wide range of solid colors and prints and is usually machine washable. To continue with the airy look lace is a great choice, not only is it sheer, it adds a touch of elegance to any room. Lace material is also available in many colors and designs.

For the formal rooms in your home good choices are brocades, velvet or velour. Brocade curtains are usually made from silk or a polyester blend and are available in just about every color imaginable. Brocade is a woven fabric which has a bit of a raised design, in most instances the fabric contains two colors in the pattern. Velvet is a curtain fabric which is available in silk, cotton and polyester; any of these three materials are an excellent choice when the curtains must have a lot of drape to them. Velvet is a lovely choice for curtains because it flows well, is soft but also is heavy enough to block out light and it adds some insulating value.

With so many choices for all the different rooms in your house, one of the keys to your choice is money. If you have enough money in your budget consider having custom made curtains, with the wide variety of fabrics you will not be limited with what’s available readymade.

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