Choosing Between Liposuction and CoolSculpting

For individuals who have been eating right and exercising, sometimes you may still notice you have problem areas on the body. This can lead to the decision to choose to look at other options to reduce the amount of fat in stubborn areas of the body. In many cases, this comes down to a decision between liposuction or CoolSculpting. If you’re in that situation yourself, there are a few things to consider before making a decision.

Treatment Areas for Each Procedure

Fat removal surgery in San Gabriel, CA is great for treating many different areas of the body. With a skilled surgeon at your side, small bits of fat around the knees can be removed just as easily as a large amount of fat on the abdomen or anything in between. With CoolSculpting, specific areas work better than others. These include the underside of the chin, the inner or outer thighs, flanks, or the lower abdomen.

Amount of Problem Areas

When you want to treat a couple of small areas without downtime, CoolSculpting is the best answer. Those who need larger amounts of fat remove may be happier with fat removal surgery. This can also lead to quicker results than you might have with CoolSculpting, but there are also increased risks when choosing any sort of surgery.

Ability to Deal with Downtime

If you choose liposuction, you are going to take need to take a week or so away from work and your daily activities for the recovery period. However, you also get predictable results and removal of precise amounts of fat. Those who prefer no downtime would be well-suited to CoolSculpting which is done in the office and takes only about an hour to complete. However, the results are not as dramatic, and it can take a couple of months to see the results you want.

Budget Considerations

Since CoolSculpting requires no operating room or anesthesia, it tends to cost less per procedure than liposuction would. This makes the procedure a more budget-friendly option for those on a strict budget who want to see a small amount of fat reduction and for those who only need the fat reduction in one or two areas.

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