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Chocolate has been eaten or drunk since 1100 B.C., because it tastes good and makes people feel great. Modern science has explained why it makes us feel so warm and fuzzy, and even some of chocolate’s health benefits. Today giving chocolate treats is one of the most common ways to show affection, or make a romantic statement. Chocolate favors are an affordable, charming and imaginative way to present gifts of chocolate.

Whether you want a unique gift for a loved one or need to decorate a romantic event, chocolate favors can be tailored to fit the need. Some of the more popular choices include:

FOILED CHOCOLATE HEARTS: You can order small, individual chocolate heart favors wrapped in any type of foil you choose. Wrapping can be customized with any type of chocolate and foil color you want.

FULL COLOR CHOCOLATE HEARTS: Whether you want to advertise your business while providing customers with a delicious treat, or dress up an event with personalized favors, chocolate hearts can be created to fit. You can add a full-color photo, logo or message to wrapping, for a unique affect.

CUSTOM CHOCOLATE HEARTS: When you add a logo or names to foiled hearts, you get unforgettable, one-of-a-king personalized chocolate favors.

Chocolate hearts are made of the finest ingredients, can be ordered online, and customized to match virtually any business or event theme. Designers work with your artwork or logo, to create precisely the product you want. Custom orders can be created and shipped with as little as two weeks notice. The favors last between eight months and a year, as long as they are kept from direct sunlight and heat. While being created, favors are kept fresh with insulated boxes and gel packs. Expedited shipping is used during the warmest months. Many people find that custom favors are a great choice for bar and bat mitzvah’s, school events and engagement parties. They are an ideal way to hand out Valentine’s day treats. Many businesses use customized chocolates as an effective advertising tool. The uses for custom chocolate treats are limited only by your imagination, but one thing is sure – whatever shape or wrapping chocolate comes in, it is still the ideal feel-good gift.

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