Certified Court Reporter Agencies in the NJ, NYC, & Philly Areas

Certified Court Reporter Agencies in the NJ, NYC, & Philly Areas

Whether you’re a lawyer in search of an experienced court reporting firm to transcribe and film an upcoming deposition, or a TV network searching for a specialist to create subtitles, it’s important that you choose a professional, highly-rated agency. Putting your confidence in customer reviews and referrals is often an intelligent decision, as not everyone is cut out to be a transcriptionist. Successfully fulfilling the role of court reporter requires exceptional skill, attention to detail, and dedication to creating flawless transcripts for the benefit of clients. To receive the best quality end product and reliable service, choosing only certified court reporter agencies can save you time and money.

Impressive Skill Level
There are different levels of certifications among court reporters. Naturally, the higher their level of proficiency, the happier you’ll be with their work. Court reporting certification exams evaluate reporters on their transcription speed, spelling, vocabulary, understanding of legal and medical terms, concentrative abilities, and more. Quality reporters spend about 2-4 years taking specialized courses and honing their skills. Regardless of whether you’re in the market for transcription or legal video services, you likely want only the best service for your money. Court reporter agencies comprised of experienced, trained professionals can deliver inclusive and cost-effective services to suit your needs.

Client-Focused Services
As with most independent agencies, all court reporting firms are not created equally. For example, once agency may be willing to travel to transcribe a deposition for you, while another may not. Depending on your location, you may need a firm that’s committed and accommodative to clients, and will work hard to ensure your satisfaction by traveling or providing a conference room. Dedication to delivering excellent customer service is a must for any worthwhile agency, courting reporting firms included. Companies that are easy to reach, charge no hidden fees, and have a lengthy list of referrals and certifications are more likely to strive for excellence overall.

Jersey Shore Reporting employs state certified, real-time court reporters. They offer a number of services to New Jersey, New York City, and Philadelphia clients, including transcription, conference rooms, videoconference suites, videography, and more. To learn more, visit us!

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