Can Anger be tamed with Faith?

by | Apr 3, 2014 | Business

There are many reasons you might be dealing with anger issues. Some you know and others might be deep down inside you as a result of something that has occurred in the past. If you are living with anger you should consider seeking a Free Prophecy Reading that can help you understand your anger and how you can learn to tame it.

Faith has powers that can heal your soul. If you have been struggling with anger issues you might want to seek help but do not know where to begin. God is an excellent resource to assist you with managing your emotions. God can allow you to find a peaceful mind and heart through learning how to perform daily devotions and effective prayer. A personal prophecy is an excellent resource to use in hand with daily devotions as it can provide you with a focus to help you find ways to strengthen your relationship with God.

But how will this help with anger? This is a good question. You might have heard people say that when you want to lash out in anger whether verbally or physically to simply count to 10. When you count to 10 a number of things will begin to happen. First your focus changes and secondly your anger calms. Once you take your focus away from the situation you might find it easier to let your anger fade, or at least lessen in intensity. Faith is stronger than counting to 10 as when you turn to faith you turn to love.

Anger can be tamed with faith because it allows you to reflect inwards and use your images of love and understanding to guide you instead of your rage. It is much like a therapist might tell you to “find your happy place”. However if you focus on faith and love of God you are focusing on something far more powerful than the image of a beach. Frankly you can still be tempted to punch someone on a beach. With faith as your happy place you are experiencing a new feeling away from anger and towards love. It is hard to yell or hit someone when you are suddenly surrounded by love.

A personal prophecy will help you see how to use faith to overcome anger.

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