Call the Experts for Pumping Services and Sewage Treatment in Maui

Call the Experts for Pumping Services and Sewage Treatment in Maui

No matter how it’s done, sewage treatment in Maui is a necessary fact of life; whether you have a septic system or a cesspool, it needs periodic attention, inspections, and possibly pumping. You should also be mindful of the things that can lead to system problems and try to avoid them.

One of the biggest causes of issues with septic systems or cesspools is excessive amounts of water; this is most often the result of leaking faucets or toilets and those can be easily handled. Introducing non-biodegradable items into your system can create clogs and disable the system. The solution is to educate system users regarding the kinds of things that should never go down a drain or be flushed down a toilet; cooking grease or other oils, plastics, toxic chemicals, and personal hygiene products are prime examples. Bleach can be used to clean toilets, but keep its use to a minimum. Garbage disposals don’t take long to begin overloading a system. Tree or shrub roots can easily cause clogs in pipes or even crack them. If you are using a septic system and you cover even a portion of the drain field, you will be effectively preventing it from doing its job and you can expect repercussions.

One of the things you can do on a regular basis to keep your septic or cesspool system in good shape is monitoring sludge. Each household accumulates it at different rates there is no rule of thumb, but excessive buildup can render your system useless. The best idea is to have your system professionally inspected every year or so, in order to give you an idea of how fast sludge accumulates. Experts in Sewage Treatment in Maui can take care of maintaining your system with regular inspections and pumping when it’s called for. They can also handle grease trap cleaning and lift station cleaning as part of their comprehensive service.

septic systems and cesspools are fairly simple in their operation, but that’s one of the reasons we tend to take them for granted at times and neglect their care and maintenance. The professionals at Valley Isle Pumping can keep your system operating efficiently and effectively and can respond to emergencies at any hour of the day or night. They’ve been doing this work since 1977 and they can put those years of experience to work for you.

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