Buying guide for home windows

Buying guide for home windows

Windows today are far more efficient than they were even just a few short years ago. Today, windows in Colorado Springs can be supplied with heat reflecting coatings, argon gas barriers and even fiberglass window frames.

Many windows were installed during the time of inexpensive energy, today, with energy bills skyrocketing many people are replacing these old drafty windows with new ones, which fit tight and have excellent efficiency.

With new windows, you can expect a drop in your energy bills and an improvement in the comfort of your home; it will be quieter and more attractive from both the inside and outside. Replacement windows may have a long time to pay for themselves, but they will last much longer than the payback period, and you will continue saving money for much longer than the time it takes to amortize them.

Windows in Colorado Springs have excellent insulating features; double and triple glazing, low-E coatings and inert-gas insulation. The windows that are produced today are durable, leak free, easy to maintain and convenient.

Efficiency ratings:

All windows are marked at the factory with what is called a “U factor,” this is a measure of the heat conducting properties of the window. The U-factor is exactly opposite of the “R-factor” which measures the insulating ability of the window. The best combination is a low U-value and a high R-value. This combination will keep your home warmer in winter and cooler in summer. Look for windows that have a R-value of 2 or 3, this is the same value that can be found in an un-insulated wall. For colder climates, you want to find windows with a solar heat co-efficient as high as possible. This is an indication of how much of the sunlight that hits the window can get through as heat. The last rating that is somewhat important is the VT rating; this indicates how much light can be transmitted through the glass, the higher the better.


The best windows in the world will not deliver the anticipated performance, comfort, cost savings or curb appeal if they are poorly installed. The dealers of most of the major window manufacturers have installers that are certified to install certain products from the range. It is recommended that your windows in Colorado Springs be purchased and installed by the same company; this eliminates any problems when all the eggs are in the one basket.

Before the installation starts, make sure you read the installation instructions and understand what should be happening. Pay attention as the installer does his work, check everything, including the flashing and insulation. If the installation is not done right, the manufacturer may void the warranty. If you are going to paint the windows when he is done, have acrylic-latex caulk used, not silicone.

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