Building a Collection of Ancient Egyptian Art

Building a Collection of Ancient Egyptian Art

The art of ancient Egyptians depicts a lifestyle of different classes, great pharaohs, battles, and victories. The Egyptians were a culture that believed in adorning the body and face with jewels, crowns, and makeup. Even the tombs of pharaohs were heavily decorated with art and filled with cultural artifacts. Collectors of ancient Egyptian art understand the importance of preserving this ancient culture by collecting authentic artifacts. Here are some tips to help you build your collection.

Search for Pieces from Different Dynasties

For a well-rounded collection, try to find pieces from different dynasties. An antiquities dealer should be able to tell you the dynasty from which certain pieces originated. When you begin to collect from different time periods, you should begin to see evolution of the art, including improved artisanship or the use of different material like colored glass. You may also begin to recognize how different dynasties represented the gods and goddesses of their culture.

Request Pieces from a Dealer

Antiquities dealers are always searching for ancient Egyptian art. If you’re looking for a certain piece, or you’d like any piece from a certain time period, put a request in to your local dealers. Those dealers will keep track of their inventory, and of new pieces available for sale, and notify you if something you want becomes available. Museums sometimes sell pieces they will no longer display, and dealers are often the first people to locate these pieces and offer them for sale. You may also want to work with a private collector who specializes in ancient Egyptian art and find out how he or she procures pieces.

Understand the Investment

When you begin collecting, you must understand the type of investment you’re making in antiquities. Unlike some modern art, ancient Egyptian art will grow in value as it ages. Because most pieces are one of a kind, the older it gets the more it will be worth. For this reason, you need to ensure that you understand how to protect your pieces from damage and wear. Unlike some art pieces, you can’t really shop around for the best price because you’re not going to find a similar piece at another dealer. Any investment you make in Egyptian art will be a good investment, so don’t hesitate to start your collection.

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