Beyond Kibble: 3 Healthy New Ways to Feed Your Dog

by | Jul 8, 2013 | Pets

Reports of contaminated commercial pet food have led to many recalls in recent years. These unfortunate events have led many pet owners to reexamine the way they feed their dogs. Many people are turning to their Natural Pet Food Store to look for healthier and safer alternatives to commercial kibble. Keep reading to learn about 3 kinds of healthier, more natural food that are quickly gaining popularity.

Natural or Organic Dog Food

Dog food that is labeled natural or organic typically contain higher-quality ingredients that offer more nutritional value to your pet. For example, they may contain actual meat instead of the meat by-products that are found in many commercial kibbles. Meat is typically the first item on the list of ingredients. They are also free from many of the additives, preservatives and chemicals that are common in many dog foods. Additionally, wheat and corn products aren’t added in large quantities to these dog foods. Budget kibbles typically add these products as fillers. Ingredients and standards will vary from brand to brand, so be sure to read your labels before buying.

Fresh Dog Food

Fresh dog food looks much like the meat you buy from your grocery store for dinner. These containers of refrigerated, cooked meat are blended with healthy vegetables and herbs. Some brands even use human-grade meat, which has made them very popular with people who are concerned with the freshness and quality of their dog’s food. Unlike typical commercial foods, fresh dog food is generally unprocessed and contains no preservatives or grain products.

Raw Diets

Raw diets continue to gain in popularity as people strive to feed their dogs in the most natural ways popular. Since dogs are carnivores, the raw food movement argues that they are at their healthiest when eating a diet of raw meat, bones and organs. Many companies have jumped on the trend and are selling packaged raw products that are guaranteed safe for dogs and help people avoid the messiness of do-it-yourself raw feeding. You may want to talk to your vet before starting a raw diet if your dog has certain medical conditions.

If you’re concerned with the safety and healthfulness of your dog’s current food, you may want to consider one of these alternative feeding regimens. Be sure to talk to your vet before starting your dog on any new diet to avoid stomach upsets and other complications.

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