Benefits of Hiring a Professional to Service an Air Conditioner in Franklin, TN

Benefits of Hiring a Professional to Service an Air Conditioner in Franklin, TN

Most homes today have an Air Conditioner in Franklin, TN to help in keeping the home cool during the summer months. While most air conditioning systems are designed to last for a long time, to do so they must be well maintained on a regular basis. While many homeowners may decide to tackle some of the maintenance tasks on their unit on their own, it is also important to have a professional come out on a regular basis to inspect the unit, and clean some of the other areas on the system the homeowner may have missed.

Many times a homeowner will spend a lot of time cleaning the inside units on their air conditioning system but will not realize they should also clean the components which are generally housed outside of the home. This unit, which contains the compressor and condenser components of the system, is often found near the house on a concrete slab.

When a repair person begins working on this portion of the system, one of the first things he or she will need to do is remove any of the debris collecting in the housing of the unit. This can include trash, leaves, grass, dirt, and an assortment of other matter. The professional will also want to check the area immediately surrounding the Air Conditioner in Franklin, TN to ensure there are no plants, tree limbs or other types of vegetation, which is growing too close to the unit and can interfere with its operation. They will also want to check for toys, lawn furniture, or other elements, which may be blocking the airflow to the unit. If these issues are noted, the repair person will want to advise the homeowner on how he or she can make adjustments so the unit works better.

The housing unit will then be removed and if more debris is present, it will need to be removed. The technician will then use a hose and high pressure nozzle to clean the coils on the unit. If coils are particularly dirty they may require further cleaning with specially formulated coil cleaner. Once the coils are cleaned, the professional will then need to use a soft brush to clean the fins on the system. If the fins are bent or misshaped, a fin comb will be used to correct the problem. Please Click Here for more information.

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