Benefits of Hiring a Car Accident Lawyer in Bellingham, WA

Benefits of Hiring a Car Accident Lawyer in Bellingham, WA

If you are injured while driving, due to the negligence of another person, then you need the services of a car accident lawyer in Bellingham WA to ensure your rights are protected. This will help you avoid paying personally and financially for another individuals poor driving. In some situations you may have to sue after the occurrence of a car accident, at which time a lawyer can be extremely beneficial. Some of the benefits of legal representation are highlighted here.

Statute of Limitations

There is a statute of limitations in most states regarding the amount of time that you have to file your accident claims. In most cases this will be between one and two years. If you do not take the initiative to sue within that period of time, then you will give up the right you have to ever sue.

Adhering to Rules and Laws

There are situations where filing a police report within a certain period of time is necessary. There may be a number of additional requirements, which your Car Accident Lawyer in Bellingham, WA will be able to outline, ensuring that you meet all laws and rules for the claim. They will also ensure that you do not do anything that will jeopardize your ability to sue.

Negotiating with insurance Companies

The majority of insurance companies will have a different agenda in regards to protecting their insurers and to offer you a low amount of compensation for damages. However, they also must keep their actual costs down while reducing their overall overhead. Since the agenda you have and your insurance companies agenda may not mesh, hiring an attorney can aid with this process.

Misunderstanding of Potential Damages

When you are injured in a car accident, there are a number of potential damages that you may not be aware of. While medical bills are an obvious expense, you may also be eligible to recover for emotional distress, pain and suffering and any lost wages that occur due to the accident that you were involved in. additionally, there may be compensation given for the loss of companionship for your family if you become incapacitated.

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